Sunday, January 8, 2012



study week means 7 days specially spending in doing study matter (stdy week aku ber"week-week" kot)
i'm so stress out in study week b'coz i need 2 cover all my study by doing short notes!
eventhough there're 3 papers ONLY,but the papers are in majoring course <MA,LAW n TAX>
so, let's check it out the mode of my study week.How kelam kabut i look,how messy my life

i present to u my photos..tadaaaa

ni proper skitlah..ok next..
nasiblah tenet xde,so niat fb terbantut..k next pic..
ni lau pekin tgok ni trus reject oke (sgt prasan ko qila^^)
campak lappy aside,act kunun2 nk focus on the study,but hampeh~~TT
next pic..tadaaa
space kt bedroom limited,so i moved to dining room..he3..
igt leh ke focus cik qila lau lappy is on??opcoz la 0.0001 je thp focus 2 kn
next pic..tadaaa
nescafe is my fav when it was stdy week. it's a good therapy to remove ur sleepy.2 sachets in once..memg torang bijik mato jang
den raso den da boleh jd model iklan nescafe da ni.untug lar..

p/s::den memg ske upload pic byk2..lg2 tym honeymoon nk tggu last paper kn..memg feberet den update blog merepek. rse2nye ble den nk stdy tuk last paper den on 16th ni ek?? bsok lah..
p/s/s::nescafe xbgus utk kesihatan..peaceY

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