Saturday, December 24, 2011


well hello there world..

hari ini hari Jumaat..
such a good day but oso hectic life..
hectic in mind maybe..
oh my,aku mencari idea yg tiada..
damn...k back to this entry title..
what have i done to my stomach..

This entry shows what i oledy ate for the whole day!!

1)Breakfast with a bowl of maggi mee + telor

u can't see the telor there?im not lying on u lah.wait hah..

c??im not lying,rite?there's a telur in it..kekeke

2)lunch.i skip my lunch la uolss sbab nk melantak wktu dnner.Plus,KHAR de uptown so,lets melantaksss uolss

3)Dinner.This is the best part weh.Let's check it out~

c??sgt byk kn??

the nasik lemak was great with superb sambal but the kropok lekor was spoil!! it was already masam with some kind of weird smell!!ohoo..apakah??

oooo emmm jayyy..what have i done to my stomach??oh no..pity my stomach~~..i promise u dear stomach..i promise u that i'll not repeat this habit again..kekeke..i'll sayang u n let u empty some day..later lah k..

gendang gendut tali kecapi,kenyang perut i was happy!!
c my teeth??it shows how happy i am..lalala

p/s::erk <sendawa sound>..syukur ke atas rezki Allah..tq ayah,tq mak elaun kalian sgt digunakan dengan berkesan.syukur~sayang kalian erat-erat lah.

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